Interactive Electronic Cigarette with Adobe Edge Animate April 23, 2014

  While working with a client I had a chance to spend some more time using Adobe’s new animation tool called Adobe Edge Animate (http://html.adobe.com/edge/animate/). After spending a few hours with it, I must say I absolutely love working with Adobe Edge Animate. Design expressive, animated content with ease, precision, and realism. Or, you can add motion and interactivity to existing HTML layouts and templates. One thing that was missing from this tool, that was added in a recent update,…

Tool: Responsive.is December 31, 2013

I just came across a simple little tool called Responsive.is that is web based and allows you to enter any URL and preview the site from different device dimensions. Sure there are developer tools you can install to do the same thing or just resize the browser (as long as you’re not using IE) http://responsive.is Basically you enter any URL at the top and below you will see a live render or preview of that URL. On the right of…

Responsive: Am I Responsive? May 24, 2013

When building a responsive site there may come a time when you may want to create a screenshot of how your new responsive design looks on all those different devices. I know I have been asked to make them on a number of occasions for presentations and other marketing material. It’s not hard to make them but it can be time consuming. Well not anymore. The good folks over at “Am I Responsive – http://ami.responsivedesign.is” have created a handy little…

UI Tool: Packery JS May 13, 2013

The same guys who brought us Isotope which is based on Masonry have created a new product that looks to be very promising for creating a rich and dynamic layout with ability to resize as needed. In a blog post from February the developers wrote: I’m making a new layout library, called Packery. It is awesome because it resolves two of biggest and oldest issues with Masonry or Isotope. It fills gaps (Masonry issue #141) You can drag item elements…

UI Tool: LayoutIt April 18, 2013

Getting a quick start when building up your page layouts can be hard to do. Especially if you are building a responsive site. Tools like Bootstrap do make this process much easier but you still need to be quit familiar with XHTML and CSS code to be efficient. This is where tools like LayoutIt can be helpful.

Istotope JS April 12, 2013

I found the Isotope JQuery plugin a few years ago and was immediately impressed with the filtering functionality and animation it provided on the front-end. I never really had time to sit and play with it until recently. I can now say I am in love with it.

The plugin David DeSandro has built is probably one of the most enjoyable plugins I have used in a really long time. The amount of “WOW” you can add to a site with such minimal effort is really amazing.

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