Misty Morning on the Swilly June 8, 2013

I took this photo in the morning before the fog lifted off the Swilly. Warm misty mornings are rare in Donegal but when it happens, it’s really beautiful.

Collection of Reaction GIFS June 4, 2013

You may be asking “What is a reaction GIF?” and “Why would anyone ever want a collection of them?”, so let me explain. A reaction GIF is used to indicate how a person may be reacting in response to a digital conversation either through instant chat or email. For example.  You find out a friend is getting a promotion at work while chatting to them online. You could reply using this reaction GIF: It’s all just a bit of fun…

Responsive: Am I Responsive? May 24, 2013

When building a responsive site there may come a time when you may want to create a screenshot of how your new responsive design looks on all those different devices. I know I have been asked to make them on a number of occasions for presentations and other marketing material. It’s not hard to make them but it can be time consuming. Well not anymore. The good folks over at “Am I Responsive – http://ami.responsivedesign.is” have created a handy little…

Logos Made with Pure CSS3 May 21, 2013

I have always considered myself an expert at building and tweaking cascading style sheets. I absolutely hated using them at first but in the last 6 years I have fallen in love with them and can’t imagine how I managed to develop without them. Recently I have found a few examples of CSS3 that take things to the next level and it reminded me of something I found a long time ago that also impressed me so I thought I…

UI Tool: Packery JS May 13, 2013

The same guys who brought us Isotope which is based on Masonry have created a new product that looks to be very promising for creating a rich and dynamic layout with ability to resize as needed. In a blog post from February the developers wrote: I’m making a new layout library, called Packery. It is awesome because it resolves two of biggest and oldest issues with Masonry or Isotope. It fills gaps (Masonry issue #141) You can drag item elements…

Benahavis Canyon in Marbella Spain May 1, 2013

I have a trip to Spain coming up and was looking around the area I am staying to find something fun to do and came across this canyon with lots of rocks and cliffs. It looks like an interesting place to spend the day.

Maui is Amazing April 28, 2013

I did not take this photo but it is so beautiful I wanted to share. It was taken by Flickr user  mojo2u who has some other amazing photos so you should check them out. This photo was taken on October 11, 2010 inKeoneoio, Hawaii, US, using a Nikon D700. http://www.flickr.com/photos/25446684@N08/8684836124

Lenticular Clouds Over Lake Crowley, California April 27, 2013

I didn’t take this photo but i just had to share it. Lenticular clouds (Altocumulus lenticularis) are stationary lens-shaped clouds that form at high altitudes, normally in perpendicular alignment to the wind direction. Lenticular clouds can be separated into altocumulus standing lenticularis (ACSL), stratocumulus standing lenticular (SCSL), and cirrocumulus standing lenticular (CCSL). Due to their shape, they have been offered as an explanation for some Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) sightings.

Why Facebook is Blue? April 26, 2013

I just finished reading a great article by Leo Widrich about the science of colors and I had to share. Colors are a lot more important than most developers think. It’s not just about what looks good or what does the client like. It can be hard to try and convince a client that a color can have more impact than they think. Leo’s article goes to great lengths to help illustrate this point. To answer the question propose in…

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