Humpback Whales January 10, 2019

Near Hawaii Kai at the location known as China Walls, I noticed these whales splashing around. I was lucky enough to get the drone in the air and out over the ocean in time to see more. This looks to be a female humpback whale and a calf.

Skellig Michael – Hideout of Jedi Master Luke Skywalker August 20, 2018

On a recent trip to Ireland we were lucky enough to visit the island of Skellig Michael off the coast of Kerry. Skellig Island was used to film some scenes where it served as a filming location for Jedi Master Luke Skywalker’s hideaway planet. The weather was perfect and we had very calm seas on the day we visited. The ferry ride departed from a small village located on the ring of Kerry called Portmagee. Rising 714 feet above the…

DJI Matrice 200 Series August 18, 2018

Recently I wrote about a company in Ireland that is using drone technology to help save lives. As a result of learning about this company and their partnership with DJI, I came across a new line of drones released by DJI called the Matrice 200 series. Not only is this new drone series fully water resistant (IP43 Level) and capable of flying in heavy winds but it can also carry up to 2 kilograms (over 4.4 LBS). Another feature that…

Drone SAR – Search and Rescue August 18, 2018

During a recent trip to Ireland I was lucky enough to talk to a friend who was able to tell me all about a new company that is doing amazing things with drone technology. Technology that will surely help save lives. Drone SAR is a company who has developed software that takes over the difficult task of flying the drone, allowing rescue teams focus on the important task of locating the victim. The software not only assists with the piloting…

Stock Videos For Sale August 9, 2017

I have recently started selling some of my clips online for commercial use. If you’re in need of some stock video clips for your next project have a look at the link to my portfolio below. To purchase or view more, visit my portfolio at Video Blocks.

Mega Mainland Trip September 13, 2016

From Oregon all the way to Montana. These clips are from a two week trip all over the pacific northwest of the United States.

Daily Dose of Paradise: Kailua Mornings May 15, 2015

This daily dose of paradise includes footage from all over Kailua very early in the morning. The scenery over the marsh with the mist and all the amazing colors has to be some of my favorite footage I’ve taken so far.

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