Drone SAR – Search and Rescue August 18, 2018

During a recent trip to Ireland I was lucky enough to talk to a friend who was able to tell me all about a new company that is doing amazing things with drone technology. Technology that will surely help save lives.

Drone SAR is a company who has developed software that takes over the difficult task of flying the drone, allowing rescue teams focus on the important task of locating the victim.

The software not only assists with the piloting of the drone but also keeps track of where it has flown and can scan large areas and use the cameras to search for anyone who might be lost or in need of assistance.

I lived in Donegal for 9 years and I know how extreme the weather can get. The wind and rain is always and issue. This can make flying a standard drone near impossible. This is one reason why Drone SAR has partnered up with DJI to help build a line of drones that can withstand the rigors of extreme weather.

This partnership has me extremely excited about the future of drone technology. When I fly, the rain and wind are the two things that can prevent ruin a shoot. The idea of a drone capable of withstanding extreme weather is very exciting to me. I can’t wait to see what comes of this partnership and I will be following this closely.

For more information about Drone SAR visit their site and follow them on Twitter @DroneSAR_Pilot.

Christian Gehrke


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