TinyPNG – Shrink PNG Files September 19, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 11.36.50 AMLets rejoice! I am no longer restricted by having to support “vintage” or “legacy” browsers (I am looking at you Internet Explorer). This means I am finally free to use transparent PNG files on all of my projects. I know a lot of developers have been using them for years but as one of my major clients was still supporting IE6, it was just not something I could use very often.

Yeah sure, I could use the old IEPNG hack but I always felt funny about using that solution. It was a brilliant idea but a little clunky and seemed to slow some pages down.

The only issue I have with using PNG files is that they can be large. I love the transparent nature of PNG files when compared to a GIF that always needed to have a matte color and always looked a little jagged. The only issue I have is they can be much larger than their cousin formats (JPG and GIF). That is where TinyPNG comes in.

Upload your large PNG files and they compress them and send you back a much smaller version. In most cases I have used them, they were able to squeeze them down by over half the size. The best part is that the difference in quality between the before and after is really quite minimal when you consider what is going on under the hood.

This image is before TinyPNG and 387kb:pink_sand_beach_bahamas_big


This image is after TinyPNG and 101kb:



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