Tool: Responsive.is December 31, 2013

I just came across a simple little tool called Responsive.is that is web based and allows you to enter any URL and preview the site from different device dimensions. Sure there are developer tools you can install to do the same thing or just resize the browser (as long as you’re not using IE) http://responsive.is Basically you enter any URL at the top and below you will see a live render or preview of that URL. On the right of…

Lanikai Ridge Hike Loop December 30, 2013

We recently decided to take a hike near our house and traveled up the back side of a ridge in Kailua that ended in Lanikai. We took a few photos that turned out really nice. I also created a quick video clip with the GoPro camera to capture some of the key points of the journey. All in all the Lanikai Ridge Hike Loop trail is a wonderful hike.

GoPro Slow Motion Beach Video December 30, 2013

I have recently been given a GoPro (http://gopro.com/) camera as a Christmas gift and have absolutely fallen in love with it. The ability to record HD video at 120 frames per second is just awesome. The kids and I have been messing around with it and have already captured some amazing footage. The version we have been using is the Hero+ 3 Black Edition and has the ability to record video at 4k but I have been happy enough with…

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