Sequence Category at the RedBull Ilume Photo Competition August 4, 2013

Every 3 years Red Bull hosts a photography competition called RedBull Illume Image Quest. The Red Bull Illume Image Quest is a specialist contest showcasing and celebrating the very best in photography of extreme sports from around the globe (http://www.redbullillume.com/).

This year one of the more interesting categories is called “Sequence” and these provide a sense of motion within a still photograph. These are pretty amazing to look at. The image below of the biker jumping off the cliff actually gave me butterflies in my stomach.

My favorite photo was taken by a local guy who lives here on Oahu, Zak Noyle (http://www.zaknoyle.com/). His entry was taken on the north shore of Oahu and his timing really makes the shot just wonderful. Not only did he time the shot to catch the surfer but he was able to capture the amazing Hawaiian sunset as well.

Christian Gehrke

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