Collection of Reaction GIFS June 4, 2013

You may be asking “What is a reaction GIF?” and “Why would anyone ever want a collection of them?”, so let me explain.

A reaction GIF is used to indicate how a person may be reacting in response to a digital conversation either through instant chat or email.

For example.  You find out a friend is getting a promotion at work while chatting to them online. You could reply using this reaction GIF:


It’s all just a bit of fun and not really life changing stuff but it can add some spice to any digital conversation you might be having and make someone smile.

I have put together a collection reaction GIFS that I have been slowly collecting over the years. I have been on the look out for these for a couple years now and decided to put them all in one place. I also applied a dynamic filtering tool so you can narrow down the list by selecting a category.


The categories I have a selected are based on the ways in which you could use the GIF. Feel free to comment on other categories you would use or would like to see added to the collection.

good job
not good
break time

Christian Gehrke

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