Beautiful Yahoo Weather App April 19, 2013

Yahoo has just released a beautiful weather app for the iPhone (no iPad yet) that blends location based Flickr photos with a clean interface.

I have always been a big weather junkie and probably have way too many apps related to weather. I tend to prefer information over design when it comes to weather apps (sat24 is the one I check first) but I may be clicking on this more.

My only real grip so far is the icon used as it does not do the app justice. But I suppose this is inline with the rest of the yahoo apps in their suite.

20130419-045227 PM.jpg
I really like the subtle animations used to illustrate wind speed and the daylight indicator.

20130419-042332 PM.jpg

20130419-042342 PM.jpg

20130419-042350 PM.jpg

20130419-042359 PM.jpg

Christian Gehrke

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  1. Christian Gehrke • April 27, 2013

    I have absolutely fallen in love with this app and use it every day now. I have noticed that they have no image to use for my location. So I have made it my mission to try and get one added. Whether it be one of my own photos or one from someone I know here in Letterkenny.

    If you are interesting in getting one of your photos used for your location, you can visit this group in Flickr and submit your photos to be reviewed and possibly used.


    Good luck. Reply

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