TinyPNG – Shrink PNG Files September 19, 2014

Lets rejoice! I am no longer restricted by having to support “vintage” or “legacy” browsers (I am looking at you Internet Explorer). This means I am finally free to use transparent PNG files on all of my projects. I know a lot of developers have been using them for years but as one of my major clients was still supporting IE6, it was just not something I could use very often. Yeah sure, I could use the old IEPNG hack but…

Sequence Category at the RedBull Ilume Photo Competition August 4, 2013

Every 3 years Red Bull hosts a photography competition called RedBull Illume Image Quest. The Red Bull Illume Image Quest is a specialist contest showcasing and celebrating the very best in photography of extreme sports from around the globe (http://www.redbullillume.com/). This year one of the more interesting categories is called “Sequence” and these provide a sense of motion within a still photograph. These are pretty amazing to look at. The image below of the biker jumping off the cliff actually…

Misty Morning on the Swilly June 8, 2013

I took this photo in the morning before the fog lifted off the Swilly. Warm misty mornings are rare in Donegal but when it happens, it’s really beautiful.

The Palau Rock Islands April 17, 2013

An amazing photo of the Palau Rock Islands located in the southeast of the Philippines taken by photographer Stephen Alvarez for National Geographic. I would love to travel here some day. I think a season of Survivor was filmed near here.

The Deep Blue Sea April 15, 2013

This photo always gives me a little chill when I view it. The thought of seeing this in real life is an amazing thought.

A Cozy Fire at McCafferty’s April 13, 2013

(Edit) Well it looks like something happened to the animation when it went from the app to the iPhone itself and then onto the web. Cinemagram link Used an iPhone app called Cinemagram to make this. Also using the iPhone app for WordPress to publish this.

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