When the iPhone 5S came out one feature that really caught my attention was the addition of slow motion inside the video settings. I remember being really upset when Apple upgraded the iMove application years ago and removed the proper smooth slow motion settings that had been available for years. It meant I had to open Final Cut Pro or […]

We had a bit of sunshine today and decided to go for a hike near Dunfanaghy. It was still quite windy but well worth the trip. The temperature was around 11C/51F so it was not too bad.

Some TiltShift fun using my iPhone 4S and an app called Tadaa. I have been using Tadaa for quite while and I do love using this app. It's by far the best app for iOS for making TiltShift style photos.

Yahoo has just released a beautiful weather app for the iPhone (no iPad yet) that blends location based Flickr photos with a clean interface. I have always been a big weather junkie and probably have way too many apps related to weather. I tend to prefer information over design when it comes to weather apps (sat24 is the one I […]