UI Tool: LayoutIt April 18, 2013


Getting a quick start when building up your page layouts can be hard to do. Especially if you are building a responsive site. Tools like Bootstrap do make this process much easier but you still need to be quit familiar with XHTML and CSS to be efficient. This is where tools like LayoutIt can be helpful.

This is the 2nd tool I have posted about to offer a gui based page design tool that is built on top of the Bootstrap framework. So what does LayoutIt actually do? It is simply a (free) web based tool that will allow anyone to layout a page design by simply dragging and dropping the component or element you want to add to the page.

Front-end Developers

HTML5 code of high quality generated with our interface builder.

Based in the elements and components of Bootstrap, a robust front-end framework.

All your designs can be Responsive CSS
and Fluid

I suggest you try it out and decide for yourself. Let me know in the comments what you think.


Christian Gehrke

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